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Creative, Liberating, Inspiring workplace for the entrepreneurs

We understand the struggle of starting a new venture, taking something from idea to actualization and making it work. We also know what can help and what can hinder during  the process.

We considered what an entrepreneur would need to succeed, what a small business would need to flourish, and we carefully created the perfect working environment, one that could cater to all needs and more


Packed full of features

Complementary Coffee

Good coffee will be within reach at all hours of the working day. Consume and converse as you take a break from the hectic working day



Need a place to host a company meeting or a video conference with clients? Our meeting rooms are available as and when you need them



Log on to the one of the fastest internet connections in the city and stay connected all day long

Audio and

Video Studio

Record and edit those marketing videos and Youtube vlogs or have your own podcast show! All for fraction of the price.

Variety of Spaces & Plans

Private, semi private or shared, we have it all. And you can schedule your payments according to your needs


and Coaching

You're never too old or experienced to learn or get advice from those who went through similar experiences. Advance your business and unlock your thoughts with us.

Smart Offices

Our smart offices are equipped with smart TVs and IP telephony, perfect for video conferencing with client and customers all over the world

Unobstructed Views & Sunlight

Unobstructed views of Jeddah skyline with ample sunlight will get you in the right working mood

We Are Here!

Working together, to create something unique.

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